Radley College

Radley College

Radley College is a leading independent boarding school founded in 1847, and has been home to the likes of former England Cricket Captain, Andrew Strauss. The College called us to help with their workshop flooring problems.

A leak in the year previous had caused damage to the integrity of the subfloor structure, and had caused most of the surface tiles to de-bond. We carried out tests on the floor using a Concrete Rebound Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) to determine the compressive strength of the subfloor structure.

Upon analysis of the results we decided to carry out isolated areas of subfloor replacement using a specialised polyurethane mortar, and to consolidate the remaining subfloor using Fortex, a penetrating hardening primer.

With the subfloor in sound condition, we sealed the screed using an epoxy primer. We then laid over with two layers of a high quality epoxy screed to ensure a smooth, flat surface. The floor was then sealed using Polyseal, a polyurethane UV table anti slip surface sealer for epoxy systems.

Project Details

December 2016
Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screeds

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