ESD Anti Static Flooring Systems

ESD Anti Static Flooring Systems

ESD Anti Static Systems are industrial resin floors which also conduct or dissipate static, depending upon the system chosen.

Why Choose Northern Star for your Anti Static Flooring Project?
Margins for error are significantly less in anti static resin floors, and so there is more reason to employ a trusted competent industrial flooring contractor. We have experience installing ESD Anti Static Epoxy Flooring systems for some of the world’s largest manufacturers, such as Smith and Nephew and Jotun Paints. You can view our Jotun Paints Case Study here.

What is the Difference Between Dissipative and Conductive ESD Resin Flooring Systems?
Dissipative systems are typically described as flooring systems which will prevent the build up of static charge, dissipating static before it can be harmful. Conductive systems will conduct static from one location to an earthing point. Conductive resin floors are generally regarded as a much more robust anti static system, and involve creating a copper grid and conductive layer beneath the resin system.

Working with Northern Star Flooring…
Simply put, we’re experts in resin flooring. Not only experts, but being fantastic industrial flooring contractors is our passion. Have a look at our About Us or The Team page to read about our backstory, and why choosing Northern Star Flooring as your next industrial flooring contractor is the right choice!

Service Details

Locations Covered
UK and Ireland
Installation Case Study
Jotun Paints
Manufacturers Used
Ucrete, Resdev, Vuba, Flowcrete, Sika
Products Used
Sikaflor, Vanguard AS, Flowfresh ESD, Remmers AS
Common Use Areas
Electronics Assembly, Server Storage, Chemical Storage, Printing, Powder Processing

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