Polyurethane Self Levelling Screeds

Polyurethane Self Levelling Screeds

Polyurethane self levelling screeds are a great middle ground between an epoxy floor coating, and a heavy duty polyurethane screed. By nature of being a polyurethane, they are chemical and abrasion resistant, but because they are fluid and self levelling, they have improved clean ability (especially when sealed with a water based epoxy coating).

Brilliant for Heavy Duty Warehousing
The most common use for a polyurethane self levelling screed would be a heavy duty warehouse. For example, a cash and carry, a hardware store, or a busy workshop. Polyurethane self levelling screeds are perfect for covering and protecting concrete floors, whilst maintaining a smooth and level finish.

What is a Polyurethane Self Levelling Screed?
A polyurethane resin is a type of resin – like epoxy or acrylic. And like other industrial resins, it is supplied as a multipart kit, which when mixed together begins an exothermic reaction which cures the screed to a hard durable finish. Polyurethane resins are characterised by having a heavy duty abrasion and chemical resistant finish.

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Service Details

Locations Covered
UK and Ireland
Installation Case Study
Radley College
Manufacturers Used
Ucrete, Flowcrete, Vuba, Resdev, Sherwin Williams
Products Used
Ucrete MF, Flowcrete MF, Pumadur MD
Common Use Areas
Workshops in Manufacturing Facilities and Schools and Colleges; Distribution Facilities and Industrial Canteens.

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