High Build Epoxy Floor Coatings

High Build Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings installed correctly are a fantastic addition to any warehouse, production facility or distribution centre. Improving organisation, cleanliness and setting the tone for the building; a good quality, long lasting epoxy floor coating says everything that a peeling DIY floor doesn’t!

Meticulous Preparation 
You might have heard this already, but mechanical preparation really is the key to a fantastic epoxy floor coating installation. We have our own industrial grinding and shot blasting equipment, capable of preparing 1,000’s of m2 of concrete. And we use the highest strength epoxy resin mortars for repairing potholes and expansion joints, if required and requested.

Quality Two Part Epoxy Paint
We know there are some single part paints out there that claim to be ‘epoxy floor paints’ but without the crosslinking affect of the two component system, significantly increasing the strength of the coating system, you will always suffer from de-bonding and de-lamination. We only use the best two part epoxy floor coating products. We are Approved Applicators of all leading epoxy floor coating manufacturers, such as Sika, Flowcrete, Vuba and Sherwin Williams.

What is an Epoxy Floor Coating?
Not sure what it is, but heard of it? Well we’re here to help! A true epoxy floor coating is supplied in two components – the Resin A and Hardener B. Both parts are mixed together beginning an exothermic reaction whereby the chemical components began crosslinking / curing. Epoxy is a type of Resin, there are other types used in coatings such as Acrylic and Polyurethane. Epoxy resin is chosen for it’s blend of abrasion resistance, easy to clean silk / gloss finish and bonding strength. It is possible to purchase your own epoxy floor coatings for smaller projects. We would recommend our sister company and epoxy floor coating manufacturer, Vuba! View their products here!

Why Choose Northern Star Flooring for your Epoxy Floor Coating Project?
Simply put, we’re experts in resin flooring. Not only experts, but it is our passion. Have a look at our About Us or The Team page to read about our backstory, and why choosing Northern Star Flooring for your next flooring project is the right choice for a quality, dependable service from a company capable and wanting to achieve the best result for you.

Service Details

Locations Covered
UK and Ireland
Installation Case Study
TCL Packaging
Manufacturers Used
Sika, Flowcrete, Resdev, Vuba, Remmers
Products Used
Vanguard HD, Flowcoat SF41, Pumacoat HB, Resucoat HB
Common Use Areas
Warehouses, Distribution Facilities, Workshops, Storage Facilities

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