TCL Packaging

TCL Packaging

TCL Packaging, A leading company in commercial printing, contacted us here at Northern Star Flooring towards the final quarter of 2018.

The issue that TCL had was that their existing screed had endured sufficient traffic and had become worn and run down over time. We were more than happy to upgrade their current flooring and give them a durable, high build paint finish after some preparation to the floor.

Firstly, we created a chemical bond on the surface by diamond grinding and priming the existing floor. This method removes surface irregularities & ensured the flooring was capable of accepting the high build epoxy finish required.

We then continued to prime the flooring with a two-part epoxy primer which in turn, chemically reacted with the high build, gloss epoxy paint topcoat. TCL requested a paint system capable of enduring heavy duty traffic with a gloss finish – so we used the Vanguard HD system provided by Vuba Resin Products.

Upon application of the primer, we left the surface for a sufficient amount of time before applying the 2 part epoxy paint over two-separate coatings. TCL were very happy with outcome. The final finish – as shown in the images above – is a high build, gloss floor capable of enduring heavy, commercial traffic whilst still leaving a pristine, quality landscape.

Project Details

December 2018
3500 metres

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