Stainless Steel Drainage and Kerbs

Stainless Steel Drainage and Kerbs

Stainless Steel Drainage is as much a part of the industrial floor of a busy factory as the resin floor itself. And oftentimes, the success of a food or drink factory floor can depend upon the correct specification and installation of a stainless steel drainage system – that is where Northern Star Flooring comes in!

Types of Drainage Systems 
We will carry out a site visit, inspect your existing drainage system and specify a replacement or new system with complete professional advice and drawings. We can advise on drainage layout, compromising between cost and ‘best case scenario’. We have a vast experience installing the following stainless steel drainage systems within the good, drink and catering industries:

Floor Gullies
Drainage Channel
Underground Piping
Drainage Sumps

All of our drainage systems are custom built, include built in falls and are fabricated using stainless steel. We have installed stainless steel drainage systems for the UK’s largest food and drink producers, you can view our case study for Freshpak here.

‘Screeds to Fall’
A stainless steel drainage system is only as good as the gradient of the floor falling to it! For practical reasons, sometimes it may be the best to install a flat resin floor and manually push standing water into the drains. To prevent an ‘up and down’ floor surface for transporting product. However, for most factories, a slight gradient towards the drainage system to prevent standing water significantly improves the safety and cleanliness of the floor, as well as preventing slip hazards. We have huge degree of experience in installing drainage screeds strong enough to support your industrial floor.

Working with Northern Star Flooring…
Simply put, we’re experts in resin flooring. Not only experts, but being fantastic industrial flooring contractors is our passion. Have a look at our About Us or The Team page to read about our backstory, and why choosing Northern Star Flooring as your next industrial flooring contractor is the right choice!

Service Details

Locations Covered
UK and Ireland
Installation Case Study
Freshpak Produce
Manufacturers Used
ACO Blucher Stainless Steel and Component Developments
Products Used
Stainless Steel Drainage Gullies and Channels with Odour Trap and Basket
Common Use Areas
Stainless Steel Drainage is most commonly used in the Food and Drink and Catering Industries

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