Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screeds

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screeds

The heart of our business is installing heavy duty polyurethane resin screeds into sensitive environments, such as the Food and Drink Industry. We are experts in limiting dust, using materials with no risk of taint or contamination; and ensuring your flooring work is completed in the time provided.

Food and Drink Industry
We understand the demands of a busy food factory environment. That is why we still work in the same factories we did 10 years ago. We carry out installation of heavy duty screeds in local food manufacturers, and for multisite food production businesses such as Hovis and Greencore.

We are experts in repairing resin flooring, coving and joints during a small weekend project, and equally familiar with large scale refurbishment of an entire production facility as you can see in our case study adjacent for Freshpak Produce.

Manufacturing Facilities
It is not just the Food and Drink Industry that can benefit from heavy duty polyurethane resin screeds, but manufacturing facilities in general. For example, in addition to floor coating work recently carried out for British Gypsum (see here), we also installed a large section of heavy duty resin flooring.Polyurethane resin floors have fantastic chemical and abrasion resistance, and help to give longterm slip resistance and structural protection to concrete floors.

What is Polyurethane Resin Flooring?
Not sure what it is, but heard of it? Well we’re here to help! Polyurethane resin flooring is called an abundance of other names too! Commonly referred to as simply ‘Resin Flooring’ as a result of it being the most commonly used type of resin floor in the UK. It is also regularly shortened to PU Flooring, or named by a popular brand name such as Ucrete, or the abbreviation HF because of many brands using that abbreviation to denote the system – for example, Flowfresh HF by Flowcrete or Pumadur HF by Resdev.

Why Choose Northern Star Flooring for your Project?
Simply put, we’re experts in resin flooring. Not only experts, but it is our passion. Have a look at our About Us or The Team page to read about our backstory, and why choosing Northern Star Flooring for your next flooring project is the right choice for a quality, dependable service from a company capable and wanting to achieve the best result for you.

Service Details

Locations Served
UK and Ireland
Installation Case Study
Freshpak Produce
Manufacturers Used
Ucrete, Resdev, Vuba, Flowcrete, Sika
Products Used
Ucrete, Flowcrete / Flowfresh HF, Pumadur HF, TG69, Vanguard HF
Common Use Areas
Food and Drink Production Facilities, Catering, Chemical Production Facilities

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