Anti Slip Industrial Flooring

Anti Slip Industrial Flooring

An Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Coating or Screed can be the perfect surface for heavily trafficked public areas. A busy Fire Station or Factory Changing Rooms can benefit from a highly durable resin flooring system, whilst maintaining excellent anti slip properties.

What are Anti Slip Resin Floors?
Anti Slip resin floors are typically made up of multi layer systems. They will typically be a variation of another type of resin system. For example, to create an anti slip epoxy floor coating, we would broadcast an anti slip additive into the first coat, and allow it to be sealed in with the second coating. Some hand applied systems, such as the Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed is anti slip inherently, due to the aggregate fillers contained within the mix.

What Grades of Anti Slip Resin Flooring are Available?
Typically, an anti slip resin floor will come in a range of slip resistance levels. For internal systems, such as in an office or a college, a clear sealer with none abrasive glass beads will be used to prevent a coarse surface finish. For environments where there is sitting flour or saw dust, we would recommend a more coarse anti slip resin system.

Why Choose Northern Star Flooring as your Industrial Flooring Contractor?
Simply put, we’re experts in resin flooring. Not only experts, but it is our passion. Have a look at our About Us or The Team page to read about our backstory, and why choosing Northern Star Flooring for your next industrial flooring contractor is the right choice for a quality, dependable service from a flooring contractor capable of achieving the best result for you and your floor.

Service Details

Locations Covered
UK and Ireland
Installation Case Study
Hull Fire Station
Manufacturers Used
Ucrete, Resdev, Vuba, Flowcrete, Sika
Types of Anti Slip System
Anti Slip Floor Coatings, Levelling Screeds, Heavy Duty Screeds
Common Use Areas
Fire Stations, Workshops, Production Facilities, Colleges and Public Spaces

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