Hull Fire Station

Hull Fire Station

In January 2015, we completed an application for Humberside Fire Brigade in Hull. It was imperative that they had a flooring finish that was both hard-wearing and had anti slip-properties due to the working environment.

The current sub-base required some attention before application of the high build paint. As the flooring had endured some obvious wear and tear, we diamond ground the surface first. This method uses razor sharp diamond shaped teeth to manipulate and clear the surface of any mounds and irregularities. Once eradicated, the apparent chemical bond accepted the application of the subsequent epoxy primer.

We applied the 2 part epoxy primer to the sub-base and left to cure. Once cured, we then laid an individual coating of the high build, epoxy paint. The paint we used was the highly recommended Vanguard HD from Vuba. This very abrasive resistant paint is specifically manufactured for use in heavily trafficked areas.

After laying the first coat, we applied a scatter system over the top of the paint. This quartz additive gave the flooring the anti-slip element that was required. Leaving the first coat for 12 hours drying time at an ambient temperature, we added a second coat to the flooring to leave a thick film, gloss finish with an anti-slip texture.

The end product was a smooth, epoxy finish with traction. Both us here at Northern Star Flooring & Humberside Fire Brigade were exceedingly pleased with the application.


Project Details

January 2015
Anti-slip Flooring