Epoxy Self Levelling Screeds

Epoxy Self Levelling Screeds

An Epoxy Resin Levelling Screed is the upgrade from our epoxy floor coatings in terms of appearance and durability. Commonly installed at 2-3mm thickness, Epoxy Levelling Screeds can help to smooth over an undulated concrete floor. And the final high shine finish of an epoxy screed looks fantastic in showroom, office, retail or production facility floors!

Organised Production – 5S
Epoxy Resin Levelling Screeds are often used in large production facilities for their easy to clean, high shine appearance highlighting any dirt of debris. An epoxy floor screed will set the standard for the rest of a production facility – with no dust being kicked up and line markings easily applied to the epoxy screed surface, these systems are perfect for implementing quality management systems such as 5S.

What is an Epoxy Resin Levelling Screed?
An epoxy is a type of resin, like you make be familiar with acrylic or polyurethane resins! An epoxy is often used in industrial flooring applications because of it’s easy to clean silk / gloss finish, and high abrasion resistance associated with epoxy floors.

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Service Details

Locations Covered
UK and Ireland
Installation Case Study
Dawsons Rentals
Manufacturers Used
Remmers, Resdev, Vuba, Flowcrete, Sika
Products Used
Vanguard EP, Pumaflow, Peran SL, Sika, Remmers
Common Use Areas
Showrooms, Printing Facilities, Offices, Commercial Buildings

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