Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin Bound Surfacing

We have a deep understanding of resin bound installations, from our years of expertise and our association with our sister company Vuba – an Award Winning Manufacturer of Resin Bound Systems.

Our Expertise in Resin Bound
We have the ability to carry out large or complex commercial resin bound projects throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

We install the VALTEX range of resin bound systems from Vuba, which has an equivalent or superior specification to all other resin surfacing systems on the market.

We can help with samples, specifications and advice to ensure your resin bound project is completed to the highest of standard, for an excellent value price.

For smaller projects, we recommend using the Vuba Approved Contractor system (more info below).

Approved Contractors 
Sister company Vuba, has a database of Approved Contractors throughout the country. These contractors are typically local resin bound contractors, who have either attended a Vuba Resin Bound Training Course or we have experience and history in supplying. These contractors are perfect for domestic driveway projects and other similar. Visit the Vuba website or contact them on 01482 778897 to obtain a local contractor.

Resin Bound Training 
Northern Star Flooring are contracted to undertake the delivering of Vuba’s famous ‘Resin Bound: The Fundamentals’ Training Course, and it gives us great pleasure to pass on our decades of experience of new contractors to the market. The higher the standards, the better for everybody in our industry! We also offer to train contractors on site for more advanced training. Get in touch for more information!

Resin Bound Materials 
You can purchase Resin Bound Materials from Vuba at highly competitive prices. Whether you would like to purchase resin bound kits for DIY purchases, or for Contractor pricing. We would recommend you visit their website, or contact them on 01482 778897.

Service Details

Locations Served
UK, Europe and USA
Vuba Award Winning VALTEX System
20+ Years
Typical Customers
Commercial Building Projects

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